Energy Labelexplained

Product Fiche

Emissions emitted

Amount of dust emitted from the vacuum exhaust.

Emissions Scale

Pick up on carpet

Dirt pick up based on Wilton carpet.

Carpet Pickup Scale

Overall Energy Rating

Energy per year

Noise Level

Pick up on hard floor

Dirt pick up based on hard surface with crevice.

Hard Floor Pickup Scale
Power rated input: Cyclonic

PowerLite Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Cut through daily mess with the Powerlite Vacuum Cleaner

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Powerlite Upright Vac is Powerful when you need it, and compact for when you don’t!

Power from room to room, on both carpets and hard floors. The Powerlite Upright Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight making cleaning a breeze, and compact so it easily stores away in the smallest of spaces.