Energy Labelexplained

Product Fiche

Emissions emitted

Amount of dust emitted from the vacuum exhaust.

Emissions Scale

Pick up on carpet

Dirt pick up based on Wilton carpet.

Carpet Pickup Scale

Overall Energy Rating

Energy per year

Noise Level

Pick up on hard floor

Dirt pick up based on hard surface with crevice.

Hard Floor Pickup Scale
Power rated input: 800w

Express Power Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner


Lightweight, large capacity and no loss of suction. The Express Power Cylinder Vacuum is the perfect choice for any home.

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Lightweight and powerful cleaning with no loss of suction, introducing the new Dirt Devil Express Power Cylinder Vacuum.

The Express Power by Dirt Devil is a lightweight and large capacity bag-less cylinder vacuum cleaner. Its compact design and fold away handle make it easy to store in the smallest of spaces. It features powerful cyclonic performance, which enables an effortless clean between carpets and hard floors, with no loss of suction*.

Weighing in at just 4kg, the Express Power is easy to carry up and down stairs and glides behind you as you clean. And because it’s a cylinder, you get versatile multi surface cleaning, letting you clean floors, stairs, ceilings and everything in between.

*Per IEC 60312-1 1st Edition, Clause 5.9. Machine must be maintained as per instructed in the user guide to max fill line.